Couples Counselling


Relationship Counselling

Overcome painful patterns of behaviour in your relationship so you can find clarity and lasting happiness.

When two people come together, they often bring two different sets of upbringings and lifestyles along with them. 

Differences of opinion are to be expected but some differences are more challenging to work through than others. 

If you’re struggling with the challenges your relationship is facing, taking a step back and talking to someone with an unbiased perspective – like a couples counsellor – can help you to move forward with clarity.

With the right tools, strategies and support, you can work through your differences so you both can enjoy a relationship that provides fulfilment and lasting happiness. 

What is couples counselling?

Couples counselling helps a couple meet challenges, understand their relationship better and develop healthier ways of connecting with each other. 

Many seek couples counselling because they’re facing a specific challenge, such as communication issues, differing expectations or because they’re repeating patterns of behaviour that cause conflict.

Couples counselling with Personal Freedom focuses on understanding your unique goals and challenges as a couple so I can provide customised tools, strategies and support that help you move through your differences and closer to lasting happiness and fulfilment in your relationship.

What does couples counselling with Personal Freedom look like?

1. Consultation

Via phone call, we’ll get to know each other, so you can determine if I’m the right fit for you and I can confirm I’m the right person to help you. If your partner isn’t ready to be involved, don’t fret. This is very common.

In my experience, one member of the relationship is often open to counselling before the other. In these instances, we can begin with a 1:1 counselling session. You’d be amazed by how often this one session, involving one member of the relationship, quickly transitions into couples counselling.

2. Counselling

Whether you want to take it one session at a time or are looking for ongoing support, appointments are available at our Greensborough location or can be conducted virtually, with flexible appointment times available.

In each appointment, we’ll have open discussion before exploring practical tools and strategies to help you both understand and overcome your differences so you can move towards lasting happiness and harmony.

Typically, I recommend fortnightly appointments to start with but how frequently you book appointments is entirely at your discretion. I’ll never lock you into a minimum number of appointments or try to convince you to continue paying for appointments if the need is no longer there

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