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Counselling, workshops and retreats to help you overcome your challenges and become the best version of yourself

With the right tools, strategies and support, you can overcome the obstacles you’re facing – whether they’re within yourself or your relationship – so you can find freedom, fulfilment and lasting happiness. And I’m here to help you do it.

How I can help you & your family

Individual Counselling

Overcome painful patterns of communication, thinking, feeling and behaving within yourself or your relationships, so you can move through the never ending struggle and find lasting happiness and fulfillment.
Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling

If you’re struggling with the challenges your relationship is facing, taking a step back and talking to someone with an unbiased perspective – like a couples counsellor – can help you to move forward with clarity.
Self Development Retreats


Looking for a helping hand on your journey to become the best version of you? These workshops will help you better understand yourself and your goals so you can become the calm and confident master of your life.
Self Development Retreat


Ready to take a BIG step towards living your life as the best possible version of you? Alongside like-minded individuals, these retreats are designed to be the push you need to make significant positive change in your life.

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Get to know me

With over 30 years of counselling experience (and plenty of challenging life experiences of my own), I provide a deep and well rounded approach to dealing with the personal and professional challenges of daily life.

My experience has shown me that no hurdle is insurmountable. But that doesn’t mean it will be easy. That’s why I don’t hide behind big words or use a simplistic cookie cutter approach.

Instead I provide you with practical tools and strategies (alongside lots of support) so you can better understand yourself and find lasting solutions to the challenges you’re facing.

Communication in Relationships


Helpful Do’s and Don’t tips from our Relationship Counsellor to encourage the building of healthy communication skills in relationships, with your family, friends and colleagues.

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What our clients say about their experience working with Personal Freedom

Help & Advice

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